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The photo below is to be used as a reference for point color only.
The kittens in the photos are
NOT kittens that are currently available.


Left to Right:     

Seal Point,         Chocolate Point,         Lilac Point,         Blue Point,         Blue Point


Kittens from past litters

Sandypoints Mey Lee's kittens (Sire, Archenland King Cor) at five weeks old


Kittens at six weeks plus 



Congratulations to all the new kitten owners!

Chloe and Yoda's kittens have gone to their new homes and new parents. We thought you might enjoy seeing all the happy faces!


Indy and his brand new mom and grandmom!



Kimba Tao Lynn and his new dad.



Paco and Puma have a new mom (left) and a doting new sister (right)!


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