This page is dedicated to the memory of the Siamese that will always be missed as they live on forever in our hearts. We know that the Sandypoints, Archenland, Diabrillante and other PREOSSIA kittens that have come after them will help to heal the pain of losing them. We also hope that the new little kittens will remind us all that although we can never replace one of these wonderful kitties that brought so much joy to our lives, that there is still much to smile about; that we do have it within ourselves to love another one of these amazing, beautiful, clever, little purrsons again. We would also like to thank all of the new owners for sharing the photos of these beautiful, special and most dearly loved Siamese with us.

Niki-- 23 Kairo--  21
Fate-- 23 and born in Israel Mia Soo Ling-- 17
Chairman Mao-Tse-Tung--  20 Midori-- 19
Simon--  12 Pearl-- 8
Sa-Fire La-Mi-Da-- born 1973 Prissy Blue-- 21
Kanika--18 Sapphire--15 Sapphire was born in Thailand
Minka of Wolf Creek-- 12 Nami-- 18 Choebaby 
D's Lil Angel's Blu Singer-- 12 Dara Sin Saming Som Phong-- 14  
Mia and Cisco Shemp and WeeGee-- 16+ and 10

Lila-- age 22 Odo-- age 17
Tyler-- age 13 Sun-Tse II-- age 3

Kimba-- age 13  

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Photographs and text copyright © 2005 by Sandra Engle and Connie McCarthy of Sandypoints Cattery. You may not copy or otherwise use any photos or text from this website without our prior written permission.