Championship status
awarded on May 1, 2010

*The International Cat Association 



Sandypoints Mey Lee and Sandypoints Sumalee-- at 5 months of age

The photos above and below show two of our queens attending a TICA (The International Cat Association) show as kittens, in the PNB (Preliminary New Breed) class in 2007. After fulfilling all of the TICA requirements, the Thai advanced to ANB (Advanced New Breed) in 2009 .

Finally, on May 1, 2010, having met all of the necessary requirements, TICA awarded championship status to the Thai. Although the Thai are descended from the same ancestors as the Siamese, they still look much the same as they did over 100 years ago. However, the name "Siamese" is already claimed by the show-style Siamese. Because the show-style has been bred for a more extreme look, the old-style Siamese does not meet the current "Siamese" breed standard requirements (the newer Siamese standard was written to describe the show-style Siamese).

So-- it's a case of "...a rose by any other name..." The two little girls in the photo above were registered as "Thai" in TICA and "Siamese" in the other cat registries. 

Another littermate of the two girls in these photos, Sandypoints Chakri, is now in Italy, and has done very well at TICA shows in Europe. Chakri is a lilac point. You can see brother Chakri at:


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