Old-Style Siamese Kittens

Bred and Raised in Pennsylvania, USA

On May 1, 2010 the Old-Style Siamese was accepted by The International Cat Association (TICA) for championship status. Once again, the Old-Style Siamese has returned to the show ring under the name, “THAI.”

Sandypoints Cattery is a small cattery in Pennsylvania that has been raising CFA and (more recently) TICA-registered Old-Style* Siamese kittens for over 35 years.

Our kitten clients tell us that they have had difficulty locating Old-Style kittens with good pedigrees that are not inbred.

This situation is due to the fact that the Old-Style is on the verge of extinction since it lost favor in the show rings of the major cat fancies in the late sixties and early seventies. This happened when the majority of Siamese breeders bred for a more extreme look (the Modern or Show-style Siamese), and the breed standard was revised to reflect this. Since breeders couldn’t show the Old-Style, they stopped breeding them.

Our immediate breeding goal is saving the old lineages and keeping them healthy.

Sadly, many of the old Siamese genes and lineages have been lost and can never be recovered. Our kittens are dual registered with either CFA or CFF and TICA. They have pedigrees dating back to the introduction of Siamese to the United States (and beyond that, to the United Kingdom).

Pictured above: 2005- Sun-Tse-Mao Green Lane — son of Ms. Chloe Soo Ling and Tallie Ho; a great-great-nephew of the 1979 kitten waving his tail.

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