Our Girl Cats

Sandypoints Cattleya (Catie)

Sandypoints Cattleya (Catie)

Seal Point

Daughter of Cloudcity Falcon and Sandypoints Mey Lee

Photos by Chanan

Sandypoints Jewel of the Nile (Julie)

Lynx Point

Daughter of Tonopah Avens of Sandypoints and Nancyclaws Ivy Blu of Sandypoints

Photos by Chanan

Sandypoints Jewel of the Nile
CH Emrys Lady Helena of Sandypoints

CH Emrys Lady Helena of Sandypoints (24)

Helena is the daughter of Adnioam Sir Patrick (24b) and Sandaig Bluebelle of Emrys (24).

Beautiful CH Emrys Lady Helena is our Seal Point import from the United Kingdom. We are incredibly grateful to her breeders, Emma and Adrian Keeling-Look, for being brave enough to be able to summon up the courage to allow one of their most precious first-borns to cross the sea and live so far away — all in the cause of improving the old-style Siamese gene pool.

Photos by Ellen Pons

Tonopah Aithra of Sandypoints

Lilac point

Daughter of Tonopah Tabik Tabu and Tonopah Tamara Tu

Photo by Chanan

Tonopah Aithra of Sandypoints
Sandypoints Green Lane Echo

Sandypoints Mey Lee

Chocolate point

Daughter of Demeter Chinnas Boy Biskuet and Sandypoints Sa Fire La Mi Dori

 Photo by Chanan

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