Our Boy Cats

mingo Siamese male cat

Sandypoints Mingo Tia Lynn

Blue point Old-Style Siamese male

He’s a great-great-grandson of Green Lane Sam, born in 1964.

Mingo was his mother’s last kitten (she was born in1994) before she retired. Her name was Sandypoints Mia Soo Ling. Mingo’s father was Tallie Ho of Sandypoints (retired). Mingo is keeping his mother’s line going; he is named after his grandfather (Tia Ling, born in 1983) and his great-grandfather, (Mingo Tao Lynn, born in 1975).

Photo by Kurt Meyle

Sialaxy Regulas of Sandypoints
(Prince William)

He is the son of Lintama Poseidon of Sialaxy (aka “Mr. Bubbs”) and Wicca Xing (thanks to Cynthia Hopper as well).

We are absolutely thrilled to have our import boy from the United Kingdom, a Seal Lynx point Old-Style Siamese. We cannot thank his breeder, Julie Singleton, enough for letting us have him. We call him “Prince William.”

Photos by Audra Mitchell

Tonoph Avens of Sandypoints

Tonopah Avens of Sandypoints

Avens is a chocolate point Old-Style Siamese male.

Son Tonopah Tabik Tabu and Tonopah Tamara Tu.

We get seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point kittens from Avens.

Archenland King Cor of Sandypoints

Seal point Old-Style Siamese male

Son of Sam Greenlane Scion of CloudCity and Blackfoot River Aravis of Archenland.

We get seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point kittens from Corrie.

(Photos by Chanan)

Sandypoints Green Lane Echo

Sandypoints Green Lane Echo

Seal point Old-Style Siamese male
(photo taken at age 8 months).

His father is Sandypoints Mingo Tia Lynn; his mother is Sandypoints Mey Lee.

Photos by Larry Johnson

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